Carolyn’s unique value lies at the intersection of strategic astuteness and a disarming personality.

by Carolyn Hennessey

She provides highly strategic perspective with her clear thinking style and broad knowledge of various frameworks and examples. This ensures that teams are working on the right issues and having the right conversations. Her approach encourages teams to think and engage freely and openly.

During the nearly 14 years Carolyn spent at Procter & Gamble (P&G), she delivered strong results through roles in sales, brand marketing and market research. From all these valuable experiences, she discovered she loved getting close to and translating the voice of the consumer, growth ideas for brands and leading multi-functional teams.

While in P&G’s Corporate New Ventures innovation group, Carolyn started designing and leading sessions for teams to solve a range of challenges. The team leaders saw the value of having someone who ‘gets it’ facilitate the team through strategic conversations, idea creation and tough choices. This role clicked for Carolyn, and she utilized these skill sets to pursue a strategic consulting and facilitation practice.

Carolyn’s focal points are partnering with business leaders to develop strategic frameworks and then working directly with business teams to apply these frameworks. Through this, she has worked with  domestic and global brands on segmentation and consumer targeting choices, strategic planning, innovation strategy and ideation, brand house and brand architecture. Her clients span multiple industries including health and wellness, food and beverage, beauty, insurance, electronics, and retail.


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